6 tips from Keeble Brown on how to write engaging blog posts

If you want to make your business stand out a blog is a great way of demonstrating your prowess in thought leadership. A good place to start is a current or controversial topic that is of interest to your target audience, with an interesting, if not unique, spin, take or insight on it that is not something that the majority are likely to have really considered before. An engaging writing style goes a long way to holding the readers’ interest so that they make it to the end. What you also need is a style and approach that exudes authority

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Housing associations must embrace transparency

Housing associations are a tricky confluence of private profit and public service. They inspire rancour across several parties, with The Spectator calling them ‘the true villains of the housing crisis’. Today, MPs called for sweeping changes to how housing associations are regulated on the back of evidence of managerial neglect. In theory, housing associations should be an easy sell. Non-profit making organisations that provide low-cost housing for people who need a home. As house prices in the private sector rocket, surely housing associations are the best of both worlds? A recent Guardian investigation suggests not. Stories of mould, rats, flooding

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