Working from home in a shared house

When the prospect of working from home cropped up in bygone times, most people envisaged a more relaxed and commute-free experience that would give them the benefits of a vibrant, exciting work life with the added upside of being surrounded by their own stuff.  In reality, in the time of C19, when wfh has become compulsory for so many people, a whole new etiquette has revealed itself. Or rather, we are rapidly learning that there are lessons to be learned about how we should behave when wfh. Most especially when we live with housemates.  All of us who have ever spent time working

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Keeble Brown’s Guide to Working From Home

While working from home is usual practice for some, many of us are more familiar with an office environment. For organisations, both big and small, it may take a few weeks to adjust to this new way of working. We have put together this brief guide to share some of the practices we as a company have adopted in order to help maintain business as usual.  Get in touch to discuss how Keeble Brown could support you. All our details can be found on our contact page

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Powering up the powerhouse

Maps are good things. Great things, on occasion. They can be wonderfully useful for orientation –and I don’t mean just in the sense of getting from A to B, but also in helping to make sense of the world around us. An example? Take a look below. This map shows a different way of visualising population density, showing how many people there live within a 100km radius rather than how many people live in each square kilometre. Note that it’s showing population proximity rather than population density, which would be this map. Germany is Europe’s powerhouse, and we can see

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George Bradshaw Address 2020

Former secretary of state for transport, Patrick McLoughlin, delivered this year’s George Bradshaw Address to a packed room at the impressive Institute of Civil Engineers building in London earlier this week. Here’s our round-up of what happened:  HS2: a light at the end of the tunnel  Unsurprisingly, HS2 was a hot topic. McLoughlin, like many of us in the industry, agreed that the whole project has taken far too long to reach this stage – and in infrastructure, delays are costly, both in procurement terms and in opportunity cost.  There simply has not been enough advocacy for HS2. What there

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Why success has to be specific

Winning a new client is undoubtedly an exciting time for any PR agency but it’s vital to define success from the outset. Success can mean many things to different people and sometimes, your client may not even know what success looks like. It’s our job as a PR agency to guide them towards defining their success and the best way to do this is by setting a series of clear outcomes. The more specific you can be, the better. On paper, “50 items of coverage” sounds like a great idea – but it doesn’t specify what type of coverage and

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