Keeble Brown’s Poll Tracker 2019

So there we have it – after months of uncertainty, a general election has been called. We’ll be keeping track of the polls as the campaign unfolds over the next six weeks. Keep checking back for updates! One week in: Tories in pole position The general election is now officially underway. The Tories are a clear 13pc ahead of Labour and the ‘Lib Dem surge’ has yet to materialise. Translated into seats, this would give Boris Johnson a working majority of 91. Although down on last week, it would still be more than enough for Johnson to remain Prime Minister.

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House building is not about making ‘space’, it’s about creating ‘place’

A ‘sense of community’ is what we get when the environment we’re in, or that we live in, feels comfortable to us and consistent with how we see ourselves and with our personality – the identity of the place fits with our notion of our own identity. Developments in which people love both the physical surroundings and feel a strong community network, are places in which people want to live. To build social housing that has longevity, we should build with ‘place identity’, ‘a sense of community’ and ‘place attachments’ in mind. As human beings we cannot get away from

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An underground journey to the future

Five steps to a better TubeNo two cities are the same, and this is especially true when it comes to the local mass transit systems. Underground rail systems are the veins and arteries of a city, when they work well, it’s great, but when they fail, it can cause major problems and stress. As a result, users of big city underground systems have a unique love-hate relationship with their transport system. None more so than London. It’s almost 150 years old, it’s deep, congested, narrow and hosts its own sub-species of mosquito. Londoners hate it with a passion, right up

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