East Japan Railway Company

The brief 
To help set up the UK office of a large, multinational railway company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and provide long-term, local support for the London executive team. 

Our response 
No sector is opaque to Keeble Brown’s expertise across media and stakeholder relations. Our senior team has considerable, hands-on experience across the sectors covered by almost every government department. 

With a detailed knowledge of Westminster and Whitehall as well as the UK local authorities, Keeble Brown is able to navigate and explain the themes, issues and situations that arise in rail and related areas.  

Follow up 
We are delighted to have a long-term appointment and feel privileged to have played a modest part in our client’s successes in the UK, ranging from involvement with the development of HS2, active support of the UK’s rail industry supply chain and participation in the provision of passenger services.