About Keeble Brown

We specialise in providing highly effective community, media and stakeholder communications. Much of our work has supported clients in the built environment sectors: housing providers, developers, architects and local authorities. Obviously, our skills are in communications and public affairs. 

Over the years we have built up considerable experience. For example, with residential-led, mixed-use regeneration projects.  We help provide a strong narrative to help win local support, which we do by understanding the needs and concerns of stakeholders. 

Our insightful, pragmatic approach means we are often called in to help with urgent issues involving communities and mixed tenure estates. For example, with concerns over maintenance, management or safety issues. We are able to quickly establish effective communication channels and help manage key stakeholder relationships, including media, politicians, third parties and community groups. 

We provide efficient, effective and experienced support for planning applications, organisational change, customer service reviews and reputation management. 

A strong creative streak means we have a proven track record winning positive, reputation enhancing attention in support of placemaking and community building. We have worked with developers, local authorities, universities, Business Improvement Districts and transport providers on efforts involving all sorts of creative initiatives: from clean-air walks to champagne bars, from mobile allotments to green roofs.