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We construct the narratives that build your reputation

Keeble Brown is a public relations agency specialising in media and stakeholder relations in the built environment. Our work helps establish your reputation with the people that you value the most – from your internal colleagues to your external communities. Our clients include a range of organisations in the built environment sectors: multinational corporations, local authorities, business improvement districts (BIDs), housing associations and developers.

We believe that every organisation has the potential to improve its business through effective communication. Whether targeting individual stakeholders or via mass media, we are skilled at developing strong, positive narratives that establish your key messages and increase your influence.

Services include PR, media training, public consultation, pre-planning, critical communications, public affairs and strategic communications advice.

We also provide expert professional coaching for senior management and other key individuals to help people achieve their personal goals as well as corporate objectives.

Critical communications plans help mitigate the risks associated with sensitive information and events. Threats to an organisation’s reputation and public image need to be met with coherent and consistent communications. It is important for both the public and your stakeholders to be assured that your organisation is responding effectively.   

Keeble Brown creates expert critical communications plans to avoid a corporate crisis, helping to protect your reputation and stakeholder relations. 

Through engaging the local community and keeping them abreast of any issues, you help prevent unwanted surprises and make the community feel part of the development. Effective communications and trusted relationships help to resolve issues before they can escalate into something greater. 

At Keeble Brown, we offer a first point of contact for the communities you work in. We use various forms of communication, such as social media, letter drops, newsletters and community meetings to ensure that the entire community remains engaged.  

We spend time with clients understanding what their specific goals are so that we can provide them media analysis that makes a difference, using reliable sources. We highlight pertinent issues and explain the relevance of what is going on in your sector – who is saying what and how it will impact you, both directly and indirectly, giving you a critical picture of the significance of events in real time. 

Whether you need to engage at local, national or international level, we will use our decades of experience of working with political stakeholders to devise strategies on who to lobby and engage with, and on which issues. We advise at what stage in the legislative process to get involved.  

We provide political and media monitoring so that you always have the most up to date information to make your decisions and supply internal and external briefing papers. 

Public consultation is at the heart of what we do at Keeble Brown. 

The consultation process has the potential to go beyond the limitations of standard opinion polls and to widen the scope of possible areas on which the public can be meaningfully questioned. This requires giving respondents key information and presenting them a wide range of arguments on the issue. The goal is for respondents to have a deliberative experience that simulates that of a policymaker. 

Your reputation is your biggest asset and it is crucial to the survival and success of your organisation. 

Everyone who comes into contact with your business will form an opinion of it – and it’s that opinion that they will share with colleagues, contacts and friends. Word of mouth and referral is incredibly valuable, so it is important to make sure that anyone in your potential customer base becomes an advocate for your services. Customers, suppliers, employees, investors, journalists and regulators can all have a powerful impact.  

Effective PR can help manage your reputation by communicating and building excellent relationships with all stakeholders and letting them know about the good work you’re doing. It is a sustained effort that will influence how you are perceived – if you’re not telling them, how will they know?  

We create maps that help you understand the views of stakeholders at every level. We engage stakeholders using questionnaires, surveys, social media, public meetings and exhibitions to gather views; speaking with them directly to uncover the real issues. 

Essentially, your stakeholders are all those you are able to influence for the success of your project. For example: 

• The community within which you hope to develop your scheme, build your business or establish your reputation 

• The people whose decisions can affect progress, revenues, margins or schedules both positively and negatively 

• The people whose opinions might influence others, such as customers, supply chains, potential development sites. 

Situations which put your reputation at risk do not always occur during office hours.

This is why we offer a 24/7 on-call service , providing round-the-clock support whenever you may need us.

Our comprehensive support enables our clients to benefit from all the services of an in-house communications team through an external agency.

We take time to understand your businesses objectives, values and interests, offering the benefits of an experienced communications team without using the internal desk space.


Find out how the Keeble Brown team can help with your project.

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