HM Queen Elizabeth II

Today, Friday 9 September 2022, the United Kingdom enters a period of national mourning to mark and commemorate the death of Queen Elizabeth II. All around the world there are people waking up to a new, unsettling, and profound sense of loss, a phenomenon that has surprised many. By trying to understand why there is so much obvious sadness and bereavement, we show our humanity. By recognising the remarkable achievements of a woman who throughout her long life demonstrated the meaning of service, duty, and dedication, we can see the merit of having values, integrity and a sense of mission. The longevity and strength of the United Kingdom and its nations is in large part a product of the traditions and protocols of our Constitution, which essentially ensure that the life of the nation continues. Many individuals, organisations and public bodies will be taking a moment to reflect, but as the late Queen’s life showed so well, commitment is also a sign of respect.

Keeble Brown would like to reassure all those we work with that we will continue to focus on our assignments and programmes with sensitivity, empathy and understanding the throughout this period of national mourning.

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