Budget 2021: Do the tracks all link for Rishi Sunak’s ‘infrastructure revolution’?

Last month Rishi Sunak announced the annual UK Budget and published the accompanying Spending Review, which outlined government expenditure plans for the next fiscal year. These two announcements follow months of discussions about spending priorities among MPs, as the UK government has spent hundreds of billions tackling the Covid-19 pandemic. Sunak’s plans offer spending increases for … Read more

Building Safety Bulletin July 2021

Proving the old adage ‘stars that burn twice as bright, burn half as long’ firmly wrong, the infamous Building Safety Bill continued to dominate the media landscape this month. The Bill had its first reading at the start of July, gaining mixed reviews. Once the typical procedural pomp of the first reading was out of the way, the media could grab its popcorn and … Read more

Cladding: ‘They will not forget; and they will not forgive’

Opinions may vary regarding Robert Jenrick’s announcement on further funding for cladding remediation work earlier this month. However, I think it’s fair to say that ‘widespread condemnation’ was the overwhelming response from media outlets up and down the country. Front pages were splashed with the words ‘betrayal’, ‘anger’ and ‘laughable’. Even backbench Conservative MPs broke … Read more