Caroline Stagg

Caroline is an excellent and tactful communicator. She thrives on maintaining standards and managing change. Driven by a desire for professional excellence and staying within budget, she has a meticulous eye for detail and proficient critical judgement. Unsurprisingly, Caroline is Chair of Keeble Brown. She is also a qualified Corporate and Executive Coach, who believes that leaders who consistently involve stakeholders measurably improve their effectiveness. She is also vice-chair of a public board and a trustee of two Arts Council-funded charities, one of which she Chairs. She’s gives her time…she gives her blood too – she has badges to prove it.

Life before Keeble Brown
Caroline’s first job was working on publications for the Girl Guide Association! She quickly moved on to work as a journalist in Australia and then in the City of London as a financial journalist. She developed her editorial and management skills during her 17 years at Haymarket Media Group. There Caroline worked as managing editor, associate editor and publishing consultant and also spent time in events and marketing.

Quick quiz

What is your biscuit of choice?
Choco Leibniz (Dark Chocolate). It’s like a chocolate AND a biscuit

What keeps you awake at night?
Mostly the fear that I won’t get enough sleep

Who would you clone?
Sheldon Cooper