Angie Mera Vera

Angie is the newest member of our team. Her ability to adapt quickly to new environments and collaborate effectively with colleagues and stakeholders has allowed her to make an immediate impact. With an impressive background of having lived in 5 different countries, Angie brings a wealth of cultural knowledge and global perspectives to the table. Currently based in London, she has honed her skills in delivering effective strategies to companies and has a particular flair for managing social media content with a targeted vision.

Having worked for a US-based international company, Angie possesses an understanding of international politics, human rights, international law, and public affairs. This inspired her to pursue a career in the UK, focusing on PR, PA, media, and stakeholder relations. At Keeble Brown, Angie plays an integral role in engaging stakeholders and managing community activities. Her creativity and passion for her work make her a valuable addition to our team.

Life before Keeble Brown

Angie’s passion for international relations and current affairs has taken her to various corners of the world. She studied International Relations in Madrid, Spain, and also had the opportunity to study at two universities abroad – in Japan and Russia. Her keen interest in conflict resolution and national identity led her to write her thesis on what drives the Russian identity in the Baltic states.

After completing her studies, Angie joined a Washington D.C based company that specializes in researching legal and economic issues in the Middle East. In her role, she was responsible for coordinating political campaigns, developing social media strategies, and creating press releases to showcase political campaigns in both Europe and the US. Angie has had the opportunity to work closely with the European Parliament, exchanging ideas and opening discussions to address current issues in the Middle East region.

Quick quiz


What is your biscuit of choice?
Being someone from Spain, I cannot help but mention Campurrianas. For me, a glass of milk and a serving of these biscuits every morning was a quintessential part of my childhood breakfast.

What keeps you awake at night?
What keeps me awake at night are mostly novels from the 1920s period. I am fascinated by the way these literary works explore the human condition in the aftermath of World War I and the emergence of the flapper culture. Themes such as love, loss, and the pursuit of happiness, which were prevalent in this period, still resonate with readers today, especially after experiencing a global pandemic and tumultuous times in Europe.

Most positive influence in your life?
I have been deeply inspired by many great women writers. However, if I had to choose just two, they would be Sylvia Plath and Erica Jong.

Sylvia Plath’s writing, particularly her novel The Bell Jar, has had a profound impact on me. Her unflinching examination of societal expectations and the pressures faced by women has fundamentally transformed my perspectives on the conventional path that young women are expected to take. Her poetry is replete with diverse themes and frequently delves into the nuances of individual identity.

In addition to Plath, Erica Jong’s work has also had a profound impact on me. Her groundbreaking novel, Fear of Flying, was unlike anything I had ever read by a female author before. Reading it ignited a desire within me to pursue my passions fearlessly and live life on my own terms. It showed me that I too could take flight, unencumbered by the constraints imposed