Alex McLaren

Alex is a deeply inquisitive problem solver, with an unwavering enthusiasm for digging into projects and people to find what really matters. His love of getting to know people means he has a natural propensity to build relationships with communities, and to understand the issues and ideas that make them tick.

Life before Keeble Brown

Alex received a first in PPE at Goldsmiths for his undergraduate studies, before looking to continue his academic endeavours by pursuing a master’s in Philosophy and Theology at Oxford. After receiving an award and a distinction for his thesis, Alex moved on to work with a London-based team providing analysis of global political events. With this experience, Alex has taken his ability to perceive media narratives and underlying stories and brought it to the Keeble Brown team.

Quick quiz


What is your biscuit of choice?
Ginger nuts.

What keeps you awake at night?
Episodes of The X-Files. A friend recently showed it to me and I’m unsure how I lived without watching it until now.

Who would you clone?
Alfred Wainwright. I’m a keen hiker, climber, and walker, so it would be great to ramble around the Lake District with Wainwright given his passion for the UK environment and his knowledge of the mountains and fells. I’ve also got very scruffy handwriting, and his neatness might rub off on me.