Will Jankowski

A methodical and analytical thinker, Will is motivated by quality results and will expend every effort to ensure his work is of a high standard. Will is passionate about working closely with other people to find common solutions to complex problems. Reliable, loyal and diplomatic, he adds value to any team.

Life before Keeble Brown
Before joining Keeble Brown, Will gained a degree in Politics and went on to do an MA in Public Policy. During this time, he developed a passion for politics, and an appreciation for the ways in which policy can positively affect individual and collective interests.

In a society in which the media, as well as the private and third sectors, play a significant role in shaping people’s lives, he believes that an effective relationship between these sectors and the policymaking process is paramount. It was this that attracted Will to join Keeble Brown, following a brief period working for a local authority.

Quick quiz

What is your biscuit of choice?
Anything my colleagues bake and bring into the office…

What keeps you awake at night?
I would like to think it’s the deep, pressing issues of our time… but in reality it’s probably the coffee

Who would you clone?
Overpopulation is an issue as it is, without having two of everyone