Robert Bolwell

As a Consultant at Keeble Brown, Robert takes pride in fostering strong client relationships. Robert is responsible for public affairs engagement; working closely with both local and national stakeholders and providing grounded and considered advisory. Robert’s approach can be reduced to three core elements – integrity, decency, detail.

Life before Keeble Brown

Prior to Keeble Brown, Robert did a three-year stint in a community and stakeholder engagement role at a sports governing body. It was during this time he learnt the challenges of mobilising and supporting the underrepresented in society, while honing his communications knowledge and leading on the organisation’s response to government consultations.

Curious to understand what lies beneath, Robert is always looking for the reason why.

Quick quiz

What is your biscuit of choice?
Chocolate hobnob, every time.

What keeps you awake at night?
BBC Sounds’ autoplay settings.

Who would you clone?
Rory Stewart.