Jonathan Martin

Jonathan joined Keeble Brown in September 2022, after graduating from the University of Bristol. He holds a first-class degree in Ancient History and has taken the decisive leap from columns and colonnades into the modern built environment.

As an Account Executive, Jonathan carries out a wide range of Keeble Brown services. His primary responsibilities are in community engagement, interacting with numerous local groups and striving to establish opportune relationships. He enjoys communicating with people from all walks of life.

Life before Keeble Brown

Prior to joining Keeble Brown, Jonathan has been involved with various charity organisations campaigning to raise awareness of mental health issues in the UK. He has acted as a trained volunteer to provide support to students during the pandemic, worked closely with schools and universities to implement mental health training programmes, and led the publicity for a 200km charity walk which received attention from senior politicians and high-profile media.

Jonathan also spent six months working and studying in Beijing, a challenging experience which taught him to embrace the unfamiliar and adapt to communication barriers.

Quick quiz


What is your biscuit of choice?
The humble Jaffa Cake. I think you can guess where I stand on the biscuit/cake debate.

What keeps you awake at night?
My Kindle. 

Who would you clone?
Sophocles. He didn’t write anything down and we could use the wisdom right now.