Keeble Brown’s Poll Tracker 2019

So there we have it – after months of uncertainty, a general election has been called. We’ll be keeping track of the polls as the campaign unfolds over the next six weeks. Keep checking back for updates!

One week in: Tories in pole position

The general election is now officially underway. The Tories are a clear 13pc ahead of Labour and the ‘Lib Dem surge’ has yet to materialise. Translated into seats, this would give Boris Johnson a working majority of 91. Although down on last week, it would still be more than enough for Johnson to remain Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson looks set to remain PM

30 October: And they're off!

MPs have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a General Election which will be held on Thursday 12 December and the first poll has been released. 

A big majority for the Conservatives and heavy losses for Labour – but bear in mind this poll was conducted *before* the election was called. It’s all still to play for. 

The first poll - very spooky indeed.
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